A love affair – Leaves & Rust

A love affair – Leaves & Rust

All across this great U.S. of A. people will tell you how beautiful their home state is in the fall. There is something universally magical about the fall. It may be the pleasant weather, the smell of leaves and spices, but I think deep down it’s the color palette that fall invites us to behold. Something about the melodic transition of colors from green to yellow to red to brown and everything in between speaks to us on a natural and biological level. It is a symphony for the eyes that takes hold of your heart and squeezes it a few extra invigorating times as you breath it in.

Another attachment to the same color tones can be found in the beauty of a patina or a well-weathered machine – or frankly, rust. Every other Pinterest or Etsy page advertises the “vintage” or “well-worn,” and people are innately drawn to it. One photo adventure unknowingly led to fall leaves and rusty cars playing off each other; unfolding a love affair. These two color palettes complimented each other and activated the same Pavlovian drooling response. These colors, these textures, these patterns! Ah! A happy little sigh, a deep breath and on to something else…

Be a stalker of the love affair between leaves & rust before it’s gone again.

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Awesome site guys! Congrats!!!!!

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