Mad City Sisters

LGBT rights are in the headlines this week and hopefully the Supreme Court will be able to put an end to the debate. Equality and justice are basic rights we all deserve. I just happened to have a camera with me when I ran into the lovely Mad City Sisters the other day in downtown Madison. As a face-painting connoisseur I was truly impressed with their face-painting skills and as a photographer I had fun capturing their great expressions.

Really nice folks with a great mission to boot. “We exist as an order of 21st century nuns dedicated to the promulgation of Universal Joy and the expiation of Stigmatic Guilt. We work in harmony to promote a safe, fun, and peaceful environment for the youth of tomorrow, the gays of today, and remember the hardships of the legends of the past. We work with the pillars and charities of the community to help raise funds and bring our communities closer together. With our mighty weapons of humor, wit, and debauchery, we shall overcome the tyranny of today’s stereotypes and homophobes, and raise awareness for the equality we all deserve.”

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