The Big O in Oregon

The Big O in Oregon

One of our favorite regions from this trip includes the coast of Oregon. O M G it it beautiful! If you want an organic O, you need to go to the Oregon coast. Our first destination out of Portland was Newport OR, home of Rogue Brewery. We planned our trip so that we could join them for beer tasting and their dog fest. Luna was happy to participate and walked away with a star-spangled tennis ball! It was in Newport that we also stayed at our first Elk Lodge. For those that don’t know, we learned that Elk lodges are great places to stay when traveling in a RV. The people are friendly, the spots usually come with electric and sometimes they invite you into their all-you-can-eat memorial service and auction.

With our 8-track tapes blaring (from a Newport Thrift Shop), we continued down the coast and started to see what really sets this coast apart from the rest. It’s colorful and magical out there! We enjoyed the critter encounters on both land and sea, but mostly just took in the salty air and crashing waves. Our next overnight stay was in Charleston, OR in the Coos Bay. This is the quintessential fishing village with the people and sights to match. For travelers like us who are distracted by colors and textures, this town was a feast! I wish we could say we had a feast on their seafood too, but we did not find the fare we were looking for. Either way, the place was quirky and the folks were happy to help us explore. Make sure to stop at their visitors center!

Last but not least we made the trek out to Cape Blanco. It’s a lovely drive to the coast and worth the extra miles. According to the map and the internet this is the western most point of the lower 48. Regardless of it’s claim, this is one of the most beautiful spots we’ve ever seen. It’s vast and accessible through a little trail in the grass and the beach it littered with unique driftwood. Our best find was the driftwood resembling an animal skull which made it back into Loretta with us. O Oregon, we miss you.

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