Portland is as Easy as Sunday Morning

Portland is as Easy as Sunday Morning

Our second curb stay of the trip was up in Portland, Oregon. Sara, Andy, Leo, Sam, Simon the dog and Finster the cat welcomed us into their front yard with open arms! Although we were parked on the curb it felt so much like being in a neighborhood. It was easy to fall into the swim of things and feel like you could get around easily on foot or by bike.

The bike culture in Portland is the best we have ever encountered. Without the many bike paths that Madison has it’s a wonder how this works in Portland, but it turns out that here the bicycles REALLY do share the road. From the neighborhood, to downtown, to the Portland Saturday Market we roamed the streets and often in the good hands of Sara and Andy.  They even helped us out by being our Rayovac models at the Market! The Portland “weirdos” do exist, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen in Madison or any other cool city for years. Although we love Portlandia, we were happy to see that the people in Portland were just good hard-working folks that like beer, food, bikes and music. One morning we had brunch at Tasty n Sons on Williams Ave (ate amazing biscuits of fried chicken and meatloaf) and had a wonderfully creative meeting with Michelle from The Joy Team. Check the Joy Team out, they do great community work and post inspirational billboards! We hope to be back again to explore more from the seat of our bicycles and beyond.

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LOVE THESE PHOTOS!! Great story on the road!!

10 years ago

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