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We Work For Beer

We work for the BEST beer in town! Working for beer is a fun gig and designing a classic label like the one for Nectarine is a special treat. The beer name goes back to 1898, when the Fauerbach Brewing Company was a brewing gem on Lake Monona in Madison Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Brewing Company has reimagined the brew using the classic name and created a delightful beer. It’s easy to drink and has lots of citrus flavor that you’ll enjoy this summer and beyond.

Hand-drawing the Nectarine typeface and finding typefaces to compliment the classic style was a type nerd dream come true. We had a blast mocking up all the possible styles and combinations of silly sayings till we landed on the perfect one. “For best results, enjoy continuously!” Cheers!


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That hand drawn Nectarine looks amazeballs!

8 years ago

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